Tempus® Raspberry Pi 7″ LED Backlit LCD Monitor with Leather Case and Integrated Keyboard, Speaker, USB Ports, and HDMI Cable

Tempus® Raspberry Pi 7″ LED Backlit LCD Monitor with Leather Case and Integrated Keyboard, Speaker, USB Ports, and HDMI Cable

  • Raspberry Pi Screen Monitor Starter Kit – Easy and compact to carry around. The monitor & keyboard is housed in a durable leather stitched casing.
  • Leather Case with USB Ports Hub – Nice, retro and elegant leather stitching to enclose the top of LCD monitor + Keyboard with two USB ports. This allows you to easily connect devices next to your keyboard.
  • Single Power Supply Design – No need to buy/carry extra power supply anymore. To keep things simple, the monitor power supply will power both the monitor + the Pi.
  • All in One Accessories Bundle – We have also included the HDMI cable and power cable from the monitor to the Pi (the only thing you might need is the mouse!)
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty. If it breaks for whatever reason, contact your seller for a replacement.

MicroTek® introduce the only and top of the line Leather Cased LCD Monitor with integrated Driver Board Controller, Speaker, Travel Size Keyboard and 2x USB slot. When you buy a barebone system, you will need to think about protecting the circuit board, the wiring, and housing everything that has stability and perhaps portability. This monitor kit solves this problem with a value packed solution. We started the design with a 7″ LCD Screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. Then we added a hard casing that has intergraded single (1) speaker. This is then hosted in carefully stitched leather case. This case also contains a keyboard and a pair of USB slots. To make life even simpler, we’ve included an HDMI cable to this kit. This way, your monitor and speakers and keyboard are all integrated in a nice leather case that is portable and sturdy! The power supply for the monitor will also power your Pi (so no need to carry additional power supply). Now onto the gritty nitty technical specifications: LED Monitor LED Back-Lit 7″ LCD Monitor with 1024×600 Pixels Dot Pitch: 0.050×0.150 Number of Color: 24bpp Brightness: 400 cd/m2 Contrast: 800-1 Normal Viewing Angle Response Time: 35msec Viewing Angle: 85 Degrees HDMI Input: 480 i/p, 720p, 1080i/p Operating Current: 0.5-1 Amps Speakers 8ohms 1 Watt Keyboard Number of keys: 80 with 3 LED Indicators (Caps/Num/Scroll) Material: Casing PVC, Plastic ABS Operating Voltage / Current: DC 5Volts / 50mA HDMI Cable Connectors: Gold Plated Male Mini C HDMI – Male A HDMI Warranty Limited 1 Year Replacement Warranty. NOTE: This does NOT include mouse, wifi card, carrying case, ethernet cable (please see full kit listing)
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