Sunfounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano

Sunfounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano

$ 22.99

  • The user manual of the SunFounder Superkit V2.0 for Arduino provided will be of larger size than the previous one, with more details at the same time.
  • The kit has 19 projects for the beginners.
  • Much clearer Fritzing breadboard images and schematic diagrams are given.
  • A bigger case for the package, inside which are divided into 8 grids for storing the components by category after you finish the experiment.
  • The UNO R3 board is NOT included

19 Projects for beginners:

Lesson 1 Blinking LED

Lesson 2 Controlling LED by Button

Lesson 3 Controlling LED by PWM

Lesson 4 Controlling LED by Potentiometer

Lesson 5 LED Flowing Lights

Lesson 6 RGB LED

Lesson 7 DC Motor Control

Lesson 8 LCD1602

Lesson 9 Serial Monitor

Lesson 10 7-Segment Display

Lesson 11 74HC595

Lesson 12 Dot-matrix Display

Lesson 13 NE555 Timer

Lesson 14 Rotary Encoder

Lesson 15 ADXL335

Lesson 16 Simple Creation – Light Alarm

Lesson 17 Simple Creation – Traffic Light

Lesson 18 Simple Creation – Digital Dice

Lesson 19 Simple Creation – Small Fan

Package included:

1x RGB

1x Project Box

40x Pin Header

1x Timer 555

2x Optocoupler 4N35

2x Shift Resister 74HC595N

1x H-Bridge L293D

1x Accelerometer ADXL335

1x Rotary Encoder

5x Push-Button small

8x Resistor 220 Ohm

4x Resistor 1k Ohm

4x Resistor 10k Ohm

1x Resistor 1M Ohm

1x Resistor 5.1M Ohm

1x Switch

1x Trim Pot – 50k

1x LCD Character Display 16×2

1x Dot Matrix Display 8×8

2x 7-Segment Character Display

1x DC Motor

16x LED red

2x LED white

2x LED green

2x LED yellow

2x Transistor NPN

2x Transistor PNP

4x Capacitor Ceramic 100nF

4x Capacitor Ceramic 10nF

2x Diode Rectifier

1x Breadboard

1x USB Cable

65x Male to Male Jumper Wires

20x Female to Male Dupont wires

1x Piezo Buzzer

1x fan

1x Booklet
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$ 22.99


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