[Sintron] NEW! Medium UNO R3 Starter Kit for Arduino AVR MCU Learner.

$ 22.95

  • (1) A complete set of Arduino’s most common and useful electronic components.
  • (2) With the later version UNO R3 + USB Cable included.
  • (3) Easy to find samples code on arduino official website to get started.
  • (4) Unlike other sellers, we are professional and provide all the tools necessary. other seller might just sell you the hardware, then leave you alone, so you have to spend a lot of time to figure out how to get it to work.
  • (5) After you purchase, just send an email to us with title “require Arduino pdf files for starters “, then we will show you how to access these PDF documents. so you can save a lot of time searching for these!


This is a very good kits for starter to study MCU programing. With This Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit, you are able to learn and do many experiment such as lighting up the LED, then get the LED to be a output display, and interact with you .also you can learn the basic concepts of buttons, IR remote control with IR receiver. how to read the data sheet and make use of IC (74HC595) to simplify the circuit. use sensors (flame, temperature sensor) to detect the environment, understand how module (RGB module) works and compare it with your own code.

Package list includes:

(1) Arduino-Compatible UNO R3 Board x 1
(2) 830 Point Solderless Bread Board x 1
(3) LED (Red) x 5
(4) LED (Yellow) x 5
(5) LED (Green) x 5
(6) 220 Ohm Resistors x 8
(7) 1k Ohm Resistors x 5
(8) 10k Ohm Resistors x 5
(9) Passive Buzzer x 1
(10) Active Buzzer x 1
(11) Push Button x 4
(12) LED Seven-Segment Display (1-digit) x 2
(13) LED Seven-Segment Display (4-digit) x 1
(14) Battery Case x 1
(15) Tilt Sensors/Switches x 2
(16) Light Dependent Resistors x 3
(17) Potentiometer (Adjustable Resistor) x 1
(18) Flame Sensor x 1
(19) Infrared Sensor x 1
(20) LM35 Temperature Sensor x 1
(21) 74HC595 IC (Shift Register ) x 1
(22) RGB Tri Color LED Module x 1
(23) 8×8 Dot Matrix Display x 1
(24) USB Cable x 1
(25) Jumper Cables x 30
(26) IR Remote Control x 1
(27) Storage Box x 1
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arduino starter kit

$ 22.95


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